Greet! Meet! Assist!

Volunteer Ushers are the backbone of our operations! Your service to The Carson Center and to our community as an usher is vital and appreciated! Ushers arrive before the concert to receive information about the performance and to assist in readying the facility for attendees who begin arriving in the hour prior to the performance. Volunteers greet patrons, scan and take tickets, work the coat check, check out assistive listening devices, and assist patrons in finding their seats and their way around the facility. Volunteer Usher opportunities exist for both daytime and evening events. Volunteers also assist at private rental functions, such as meetings, weddings, parties, etc. Volunteer Ushers complete a 2-hour Orientation Session, which prepares them for service.

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Administrative Volunteer Program

Administrative volunteers assist various departments by helping to prepare mailings, manning the receptionist desk, making follow-up calls, filing, copying, distributing posters/flyers, and more. Hours are generally flexible, with the exception of deadline-driven projects and receptionist desk service. Many times several volunteers work together on the same project in a team effort to achieve a goal. Administrative volunteers primarily serve during daytime hours, but may also assist in setup activities for after-hours events, such as special member/donor events.

For more information on volunteering or to sign up and volunteer for a show, please contact Liz Walker, Operations Manager at (270) 443-9932, ext. 265.

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