Paxton Family Lobby & First Balcony Lobby

The main entrance area to the Carson Center features two large sweeping staircases, elegant chandeliers and a striking two-story mural representing the four rivers region on a quilt style backdrop. Large glass windows allow patrons a view of the outside green areas and the Ohio River. The Paxton Family Lobby and the First Balcony Lobby are ideal for weddings, receptions, dinners, dances, fundraising events, cocktail parties and other affairs. There are food and beverage areas as well as ample restroom facilities and coat check.


Facility Accommodations Included In Basic Rental

  • Basic white light
  • One banquet or reception setup (linens are not included)
  • Two 8' skirted tables for head table, registration or materials
  • Two 4' x 8' risers for head table or entertainment


Paxton Family Lobby Maximum Capacity

Capacity will vary depending upon configuration.

  • Seated Banquet Style: 240
  • Cocktail Reception: 750
  • Approximately 3000 sq. ft.


First Balcony Lobby Maximum Capacity

Capacity will vary depending on configuration.

  • Seated Banquet Style: 60
  • Cocktail Reception: 150
  • Approximately 1200 sq. ft.



Choose from the Carson Center Pre-Qualified Catering list.


Available Dates

Please contact Liz Walker at 270.443.9932 or