Fahrenheit 451 - Postponed | The Carson Center
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Fahrenheit 451 - Postponed

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Sunday, March 29, 2020 - 3:00pmBuy Now
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Adapted for the stage by Ray Bradbury, this is the first-ever fully produced and presented work by The Carson Center. Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which paper ignites. With simple sets and uncomplicated staging, this powerful drama is about the inner struggle of Guy Montag, a fireman. Montag has worked as a civil servant for ten years burning books, but lately he has become increasingly unsure about what he is doing and about his vegetable-like existence. It is not until he meets 16 year-old Clarisse, who is filled with strange ideas, that he is led into a dangerous and highly combustible situation. Now he must choose between continuing his nonexistent existence and risking everything for the right to think.    

Fahrenheit 451 Cast List
Montag: Ross Smith
Black:  Thomas Jackson
Holden:  Scott Dossett
Beatty:  Tom Dolan
Clarisse:  Savannah Richey
First Paramedic:  John Patrick Redden
Second Paramedic:  Brian Johnson
Mildred:  Amber Taylor
Mrs. Hudson:  Letitia Usher
Faber:  Dick Usher
Alice: Maria Korte
Helen:  Angela Elder

Tickets & Seating

All Seats$4.51
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